An Innovation Center Dedicated to Fostering FinTech Startups and the Boston FinTech Community

Applications Open: Sept . 2017


Located at the crossroads of the Financial District and the Innovation District, the Center houses seed-stage FinTech companies for free for one year


Bitcoin, Blockchain, Credit Ratings, Data & Analytics, Digital Currency, Financial Education, Financial Health, Mobile Banking, Online Lending, P2P Lending, Payments, Personal Finance and more

Member Spotlight

David Chang is the former COO of Paypal and an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup enthusiast. He is a leader in the FinTech entrepreneurship community, holds several advisor/board memberships and has made 30 angel investments in early-stage startups. So, why did David choose to run his latest venture at the DCU Fintech Innovation Center? "DCU/Workbar have been terrific partners for us. They recognize the power of startups to innovate and have taken a leadership role to create a welcoming, collaborative space in the heart of downtown Boston. We are lucky to be part of the program." - David Chang

David Chang
David Chang - PersonalVC

Member Highlights

EY Challenge Winner

- Adjoint

Most Investable Startup 2016

$100MM Raised

- Arx Urban

Crowdfunded real estate

Crowdfunding Record

- FirstBlood

Crowdfunded $6M in 58 seconds


- AlphaPack

Proof of Concept with DCU

Member Testimonials

Dan Deac

Dan Deac

- PersonalVC

"It's an amazing space. Useful connections internally as well as with people coming to visit fellow startups. Great place to hold meetings and ability to introduce companies and organizations to DCU (which is part of the services we offer to others)."

Dean Macri

Dean Macri

- Cielo Mobile

"Members have provided me with great insight on the banking industry, especially on detailed assistance in the area of lending operations."

Ravi Balasubramanian

Ravi Balasubramanian

- AlphaPack

"Great mentorship from the DCU management team. Excellent location in Boston."

Benji Moll

Benji Moll

- Arx Urban

"Other members provided us valuable insight as we developed our technology strategy and DCU helped us finance several of our projects."

Current Members

Applications Open: Sept. 22, 2017