Digital isn’t just in our name, it’s in our DNA.

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) was born from the digital revolution.  Founded in 1979 DCU began as the employee credit union of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). 30+ years later, DCU has grown to be the 15th largest credit union in the country by focusing on our members and being a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies.

DCU was the third credit union in the U.S. with a website and one of the first institutions to debut iPhone® and Android applications that can make mobile check deposits. More recently, DCU was an early adopter of Apple Pay ®, Android Pay ™ and Samsung Pay.

So, why did we decide to build a FinTech innovation center in the middle of Boston?

To Lead Innovation & Build a Fintech Ecosystem

The Center is an opportunity to go beyond DCU’s legacy of promoting and adopting innovative solutions. It is a platform to drive the Boston FinTech ecosystem and the banking industry forward.

DCU is a springboard for FinTech innovation in Boston and is building a new legacy of innovation by actively fostering and working with seed-stage startups.

To Learn

The Innovation Center is an opportunity for DCU executive leadership to gain insights into how pioneering minds are adopting new technologies and rethinking solutions.  By working with and learning from entrepreneur experts, DCU can be ahead of the next wave of products, services and trends that impact the industry.

To Give Back

The Center takes no fees or equity.  Instead, it is an opportunity to give back to the community and promote local entrepreneurship and the ecosystem around it.

Why do we do this for free?

It’s part of our philosophy and our structure. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives serving groups of members who have something in common. They are democratically owned and controlled institutions, based on people helping people principles.

The Center reflects DCU’s culture of openness and respect. DCU strongly feels that integrity is the most important aspect of who we are, and we have adopted three principles that guide the decisions and behavior of everyone at DCU:

• People Come First

• Do the Right Thing

• Make a Difference

This is the DCU Way!


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